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Garmin, an American multinational technology company which has earned its veneration through years of hard work, all with the help of skilled and highly professional staff. The foundation of this company was laid by two renowned personalities Gary Burrell and Min Kao in 1989 in Kansas, United Nations. It has set up its head quarter in Kansas. The company is known all over the world for its specialization in GPS technology. It has broaden its chains in various fields like automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and sport activities. They help to produce innovative features in their every upcoming product and the result is the way they have made development in wearable technology. Undoubtedly it has become one of the leading competitions of market with activity tracker and smart watch consumer developers such as Fitbit and apple. Garmin has its network not confined in one region only but operates in several other countries other than UK, USA and Taiwan. We can look at its establishment in countries like Belgium, Canada, Norway, Spain and Romania. Every upcoming year, Garmin comes forward with new ideas and ways to bring more comfort for their users. Its product line is quite enlarged.

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It produces a number of software packages for the personal use on a personal computer, one should not forget the broad hit which Garmin’s first product gave – GPS 100, priced at $2500. The product got so enriched fame and generated a backlog of orders. Also a handheld GPS receiver which proved quite popular with military personnel serving in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during 1991 gulf war. In 2003, Garminlaunched the iQue line of integrated PDA-GPS receivers in the market. It continued its advancements and in year 2008 it came forward with its innovative ideas and launched Garmin mobile PC, a GPS software program for laptop PC’s and other computers. And till now it has never failed to disappoint its users and keep coming ahead with the features which amazes the users and has proven to be the best for them.

Global Positioning system, is a satellite based navigation system, which has the ability to work in any weather conditions, 24 hours a day and that too without any subscription fees. Through GPS we can locate calculateusers’ exact location. Once GPS is able to calculate your true location, in addition to that it can calculate your speed, bearing, track, trip distance, distance to destination, sunrise to sunset time and many other measures related to it. In order to calculate your proper location, the GPS requires three essential components: space segment, control section and user segment. It has become an essential part in order to serve many purposes in our daily navigation. Like in case of drivers they use GPS settings to navigate streets, for pedestrians it’s used to navigate their walking path, also to monitor human and animal movement, it pays a great contribution. Also we can use it to widen our experience of recreational activities such as hiking, use GPS to track locations.  Garmin Nuvi GPS come s with certain set of special characteristics, like multi touch screen, all the routes within the structures, the physical directions, foursquare information, prestige series which contains three dimensional lane guidance, the capacitor screen which enables zoom and pinch control, three dimensional maps of structures, traffic signals and landmarks, enough safety measures and many more characteristics like this.

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