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Time runs with its own pace and waits for none. For the fitness freaks, Garmin has launched smart Garmin watches for its users to meet all their needs. Now you can track your activity, set your time limit, eve rejoice your progress with others, with the countdown you make on your watches. Learn a little more each day, and Garmin watches are going to help you set out new standards in your journey of life. Just visit any of your favorite Croma stores, and buy your favorite Garmin wearable. Croma, one stop shop for all kinds of multi brand digital gadgets.

The innovation which Garmin continues to feature out every upcoming year. More are the choices, it becomes more difficult to choose one among them. The task of choosing the best one for us, becomes quite difficult from a wide range of variety. GPS watches helps to track every strike on the roads, in addition to it they carry certain censors and technology which helps you remain connected the rest of the day. Serious athletes pay dedication to GPS watches. It carries features that track and map your routers, use data to calculate your pace and speed, monitors heart rate, altimeters, preloaded maps, Bluetooth capabilities and the list goes on.

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One of the most popular choice of the people is the TomTom spark3 cardio + music, it not only carries a feature of built in heart rate monitor, but in addition to it can store 3GB space for music, and also comes bundled with a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. So relaxing, now you don’t need to carry out any other gadget for your entertainment. So it would be good to call garner watches, as the perfect training partners for every fitness freak. It keeps track on all your activities even while you are swimming, cycling or running. Smartwatches are going to enhance your active lifestyle.

It’s been a period of 30 years since then Garmin has been producing GPS technology for a wide range of industries, and this list includes- automotive, marine, aviation, especially for the fitness purpose. Its recent innovation has brought a big challenge to popular brands like Samsung, LG and many other top smartwatch makers.

Here I am going to mention you a few best Garmin smart watches:

  • Garmin Vivo Active V3

    This is the device which aims to bring more than fitness smarts to your wrists. With a better look and design you are going to get this at a very affordable price. Carries the features like GPS, notifications, Garmin pay, heart rate monitoring, the battery life.

  • Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

    This music it provides is going to boost your tracking experience. It’s going to your wonderful sports watch, stream the music directly from your wrist, now you can store about 5000 songs in your watch , in addition to it it carries features like heart rate monitoring, battery life, GPS etc.

  • Garmin Forerunner 10

    Cheapest and most basic running watch, track the distance you covered, get the sum of the calories you built or reduced, one of the best Garmin’s selling watch till now.

  • Garmin Forerunner 25

    Boasts a larger screen and a nicely looking watch, comes up with a wide range of features such as activity tracking, measures heart rate, calories, distance, pace.

GPS Watches
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