Garmin Troubleshooting

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Garmin Troubleshooting

In case the Garmin GPS, is locked then your screen will ask you for a pass code, only then your device will start functioning once again. This is the way the brand has figured out the solution so that the person who has stolen out your GPS is not able to use your home address. Even at times it gets locked by accident by user, you just need to get the pass code and prove that you are the original owner of this device. Then they will provide you with the code to unlock the device.

In case of lost satellite reception

In case Garmin GPS loses contact with the satellites that provide you with specific location, the device would stop providing you with the real time driving updates. You need not panic, just be patient, once you re-enter the clear grounds once again, back from hilly or mountain region, the GPS will locate the satellites once more.

Garmin GPS Support
Deleted Maps

If at any point your GPS maps get accidently deleted, it’s very easy to restore them, you just need to follow a few steps. Log in to the Garmin web page and register for your account. At the top of the screen, you will get the option of “Manage Maps and downloads” select it. Now click on the icon of your registered GPS and there select the option of “Details” and “Download again”. At the end of the entire process, plug the GPS to your computer and this will restore all the original maps and any kind of updates you may have downloaded.

Garmin Troubleshooting
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